Fighting game players in The Callisto Protocol are built different

The Callisto Protocol
(Image credit: Krafton)

One bold Callisto Protocol player is playing the new horror game as a fighting game.

The Callisto Protocol hands the player a baton in the early hours, and tasks them with unlocking better weapons like firearms from there. For the player just below though, the baton is apparently the only weapon they need to go charging headlong into combat and smacking enemies about, using the stasis power to repeatedly knock enemies into walls for a perfect attack. 

In the comments beneath the original tweet just above, some Twitter users have really gone to town on the demonstration. Someone's edited in the Devil May Cry 5 battle theme, Devil Trigger, on top of the fighting frenzy footage, and the two actually sort of work in tandem.

Another user has put Guilty Gear Strive's commentary and soundtrack over the footage of The Callisto Protocol as a fighting game. Grabbing an enemy with the stasis-like power and hearing "Counter!" blare over the top of the audio does have a weirdly satisfying feeling to it.

This is certainly one way to get creative with The Callisto Protocol's combat. When reviews dropped for the new horror game last week, reviewers were near-unanimous in criticizing The Callisto Protocol's combat as clunky and outdated, letting down the rest of the experience in a big way. Head over to GamesRadar+'s The Callisto Protocol review to see what we made of the final experience. 

Alternatively, check out our detailed guide on The Callisto Protocol weapons if you're not quite feeling like going up against mobs of monsters armed with merely a baton.

Hirun Cryer

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