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FIFA Street: EA announce new urban kicker

EA have announced the first details of FIFA Street, a new football title that takes the beautiful game to the streets. The game is based around an urban arcade-styled kick-around where a good right peg and on-the-ball flair will earn you and your team kudos as well as victory.

Venues from around the world (Brazilian beach footie, anyone?) will feature four-on-four matches as well as one-on-one encounters - where besting your immediate opponent requires skill, technique and specific moves. Although the game is a street-based affair, it will feature the world's best professional players and it's your goal to build a reputation, take on the best and come out on top with as much credibility as possible.

According to senior producer Wil Mozell, FIFA Street "represents a movement in football and a break from the modern game. We're stripping down the sport to its core and delivering a game that's all about freestyle attitude and individual skill". So, the Maradona of footie titles? Time will tell...

FIFA Street is scheduled to be released on PS2, Xbox and Gamecube in 2005