FIFA Soccer 07 - hands-on

All of your favorite - and most loathed - players return, but if that's not good enough there's always the option to stick it to the man by creating your own club and stocking it full of self-generated atomic supermen. The online features will be expanded beyond the standard ranked affairs with the introduction of an intriguing new Interactive League mode, allowing you to play as your favorite English, German, French or Mexican squad based on their real-time 2007 calendar of matches. When they play, you play, so even if, say, Manchester United is stinking it up back in jolly old England, you can improve their online fortunes (or be responsible for their ultimate demise).

The game lands this October, which should work out fine since we're just about done winning World Cups with Team USA (hey, someone has to do it). With the new Winning Eleven set to drop later this year, soccer fanatics are going to have some interesting choices to make this fall.