FIFA 08 PS2 developer blog #02

17 Aug, 2007

Jochen Siess, FIFA 08 (PS2), Online Producer
Hi there! My name is Jochen and I am the Front End and Online producer for FIFA 08 on PS2. I was born and raised in Germany, and I’ve been a football fan all of my life. I love going to the stadium and seeing live football together with my friends. World Cup 2006 in my home country was definitely my personal highlight so far. Being together with friends and fans from all over the world watching great performances on the pitch was priceless and is unforgettable.

This is my third year as a producer at EA and FIFA, and it is my first time in charge of Online. I was really excited to work on this area because there are so many opportunities to connect with other gamers. Last year we started to add more meaning to each online match by introducing Interactive Leagues with fans rallying around their clubs. When playing online this year, you can not only play Interactive Leagues but you can also form or join a Football Club. Each club consists of up to 15 of your friends or other gamers, and each of your ranked matches can help your club.

The ultimate goal of Football Clubs is to get your club to the top of the table. You can do so by playing and winning online matches. Depending on whether you play ranked Play Now matches, Interactive Leagues matches or Club Battle matches, you earn different amounts of points for your club. Over the course of production we optimized the club points system a couple of times with the goal of being able to earn most points for your club when winning ranked matches. FIFA beginners can team up with more experienced gamers and both contribute to the success of their club. Every match won for your club will get you points for your club. The Football Club with the most points will be at the top of the table.