FIFA 08 developer blog

Aug 15, 2007

Since the debut of FIFA International Soccer in 1993 each new version of EA's officially licensed soccer series has always delivered something fresh to the playing field - from the introduction of club teams (FIFA Soccer '95) and real player names (FIFA Soccer '96), through to power bars for shots (FIFA Soccer 2002) and the ability to control a second player "off the ball" (FIFA Soccer 2004).

Keeping with tradition, the upcoming FIFA 08 packs in a host of changes that promise to improve the virtual football experience even more, and who better to tell us about those new features and all-important tweaks than the team behind the game. Over the next few weeks GamesRadar will be bringing you developer blogs direct from the EA dugout for the new-gen (PS3 and 360) and PS2 versions.

Hit the links below to scout the insider info and don't forget to check back for more blogs soon.

FIFA 08 PS3 and Xbox 360 developer blog
August 15:Overview and engine
August 22:Skill moves
September 3:Shooting and fundamental depth
September 24:Be a Pro
October 2: Database and player ratings
Coming soon: Online leagues and interactive leagues
Coming soon: Podcasts
Coming soon: Football World

FIFA 08 Wii developer blog
October 4:Controls

FIFA 08 PS2 developer blog
August 15:Control and freedom
August 17:Online football clubs
August 27:Custom formations
September20:Be A Pro: Co-op Season
Coming soon: Authenticity
Coming soon: Save replay/Save game (PC)