F.E.A.R. 3 "Almaverse" video revealed

Pregnancy can make even the most gentle of the fairer sex terrifying. Alma is anything but gentle, has always been terrifying and – oh yeah – she’s pregnant… again.

Players of FEAR will remember the infrequent trips into Alma’s demented psyche throughout the titles. While these episodes were often disquieting, it may have offered the players some modicum of solace to know that Alma was in control. But as Alma’s newest bundle of joy comes closer to birth, Ms. Wade’s grip on her personal brand of ‘reality’ is slipping away. And we get to be caught in the middle.

Above: Congratulations sir… it’s a… urrgh…

Before FEAR 3 plunges us into ‘The Almaverse’ head-first next April, the developer has offered a glimpse into her nightmares with this new trailer. Wanna see?

Sept 30, 2010

More live-action Fetteling and some pics of the threquel. But are you excited?