Far Cry Instincts hands-on

There's always a worry when something is ported from PC to console. Tailoring a PC game to a format that is limited by its inability to be upgraded with new graphics cards and memory invariably means things will either be scaled-down or removed entirely.

But, from our test, Far Cry seems to be fairing very well indeed. Anyone who's been enviously eyeing high-spec PC owners over this game can rest assured everything's almost as bright and smooth as the PC version. It really is quite impressive how well this is running.

We're looking forward to playing this on Live, especially considering the limitless potential offered by the create-your-own map function. Even if building a decent map is something we probably won't be bothered with, many people will, ensuring we've always got a new place to play. This will be awesome.

Far Cry Instincts is due for release for Xbox in the autumn