Fantasy Flight's tabletop games coming to iOS, PC, and Mac

Fantasy Flight Games, renowned creator of tabletop board (and card) games including Arkham Horror, and a number of other licensed properties (like the fantastic Battlestar Galactica board game and the Penny-Arcade card game) has revealed that it is working with Fierce Wombat Games to bring some of Fantasy Flight's games to iOS, Mac, and PC via Steam.

The first game getting the digital treatment is Red November, which is said to be a faithful recreation of the "award-winning tabletop submarine-survival game."

Red November sounds absolutely ridiculous. It's described as a "humorous, fun and frantic game that puts players aboard a submarine in the ultimate survival situation: fires will start, rooms will flood, the missiles malfunction, and worst of all, a giant kraken is looming outside, hungrily eyeing the tasty gnomes," which sounds like a good time to us. The digital version will include the typical suite of enhancements that usually come with game adaptations of board games, like online multiplayer, the ability to play against computer opponents, and fun animations.

“With a deep background in game development, Fierce Wombat Games is the perfect partner to adapt our titles,” said Steve Horvath, SVP Marketing, Communications, and Digital Business at Fantasy Flight Games. “We're excited to see a whole new audience enjoy some of our most loved IP.”

Fantasy Flight has a large supply of games to pull from, and we're definitely going to keep our eye on Fierce Wombat to see what is coming next. Some of the licensed properties, like Game of Thrones, would likely do very well thanks to the recent success of the franchise, so we wouldn't be too shocked to see that make the digital transition, too. You can check out a larger list of games on the company's website, is there anything you'd like to see make its way over to iOS, PC, and Mac (and hopefully XBL and PSN, too)?

Hollander Cooper

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