Fans bereft after Overwatch lore takes a significant hit in Overwatch 2 migration

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Overwatch 2 fans have been left disappointed by the quantity and quality of the lore in the sequel, with the new Hero bios in particular feeling lackluster. 

As highlighted in the Overwatch subreddit, one player has been left disheartened by the current state of Overwatch 2's lore, going as far as calling the new Hero bios "amateurish and embarrassing." The reasoning behind this has been explained in the lengthy Reddit post and many other fans appear to agree in the comments. 

One of the main complaints is that the Hero bios on the official Overwatch website have been reduced to a mere paragraph, contain character descriptions that go against what has already been established in Overwatch lore, and some even have grammatical errors. 

According to the Reddit post, at the time of writing, there was "no mention" of several heroes' full names. There's also errors in Bastion's bio that give the character the pronoun "he" instead of "it", and lists its base of operations as "unknown", even though the location has long-since been discovered. One of the most glaring issues can be found in Soldier 76's bio which, in omitting a word, all-but ruins the narrative that Blizzard originally established around the character.

Although to some these issues may seem trivial, it is still important that these things are put right. As explained in the post. "Overwatch 2 was supposed to be the massive story expansion of Overwatch. It was supposed to be what finally tells us more about the characters and expands the universe forward," the post reads, "so far what we are getting is careless errors, a severe cut in the already sparse lore, and universe-defining retcons that are just being casually thrown around and left undiscussed."

Understandably, this has left some fans concerned about the future of Overwatch's lore. Many people in the comments have also expressed their disappointment, especially since, for some, the whole reason they got into Blizzard's shooter was down to the characters and the story surrounding them. On the other hand, others have also pointed out that this is just what they've come to expect from a team shooter game. 

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