Fallout Shelter celebrates July 4th with more than 60% off lunchboxes

Been waiting for an excuse to stock up your vault with extra loot in Fallout Shelter? Well, to celebrate Independence Day, there's now more than 60% off all Lunchbox packs for your underground paradise. Whoo! Pixelated goods.

While you can still get a standard lone lunchbox for 79p, a pack of five has been reduced to £1.49, 15 is £3.99 and if you're looking to open 40 then 75% off makes it £7.99. That's a whole lot of cards.

Remember there's also now got a chance of finding Fallout 4's Preston Garvey in random lunchboxes too. If you've been playing, check out our Fallout Shelter guide to make sure you're maximising your vault to it's best potential.

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