Fallout is getting its own tabletop game, and yes, it has deathclaw and power armor miniatures

Fallout is getting an official tabletop battle game. And no, I don't mean Fallout: Warfare, the little-known tabletop wargaming system included on the bonus disc for Fallout Tactics back in 2001. I mean Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, an all-new system built from the ground up with Bethesda's approval, options for playing with or against friends or on your own, and - most importantly of all - sweet deathclaw minis.

Tabletop miniatures games range from large-scale fantasy battle simulators like Warhammer to more intimate, squad-scale affairs like Star Wars: Imperial Assault (which is more on the "board game" side of the spectrum). Players take turns moving their plastic miniatures across a battlefield, setting up attacks or otherwise accomplishing objectives. British Games publisher Modiphius says Wasteland Warfare will offer "PvP, co-op, and solo tabletop missions", which makes it sound more like Imperial Assault than Warhammer to me.

The full announcement is coming this week, though Modiphius publisher Chris Birch answered a few questions from fans via Twitter.

Modiphius has several licensed games in its catalog, including projects based on Conan, Kung Fu Panda, and Star Trek. I got to participate in a playtest for Star Trek Adventures, Modiphius' pen-and-paper RPG that spans the entire non-Abrams Trek universe, and had a great time with it. So I'm excited to hear the same publisher is working on Fallout even as I continue to pine for a licensed Fallout pen-and-paper RPG system. You hear that, Bethesda?!

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Connor Sheridan

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