The Fallout 76 stress test starts October 13, here's how to get in

Can't wait to start playing Fallout 76? A stress test may be your best bet at playing Bethesda's multiplayer twist on post-apocalypse Americana ahead of everyone else. The recently-announced program will be your chance to play Fallout 76 early, and we've got all the answers to your questions below. Questions like...

How do I get into the Fallout 76 stress test?

First, you'll need to be playing on Xbox One. The Fallout 76 stress test is not going to be available for PC or PS4. You'll also need an active Xbox Live Gold subscription, as well as membership in the Xbox Insider Program. Don't worry, becoming an Insider is super easy: all you need to do is install the Xbox Insider Hub and register. Click the link for official instructions.

This may sound obvious, but you also need to have pre-ordered Fallout 76. If you did so digitally, you can check the Xbox Insider Hub for the stress test. If you pre-ordered a physical copy, you'll need to log on with your accounts to see if you've received a token granting you access.

Lastly, know that there is no guarantee that you will be chosen to participate, even if you follow all of the instructions. The Fallout 76 stress test is meant to be experienced by a much smaller group of people than the Fallout 76 beta, which starts up a few weeks later, on October 23 (or October 30 for PS4 and PC players).

When does the Fallout 76 stress test start?

Saturday, October 13. No specific time has been announced just yet, but Bethesda will reveal more details via the Fallout and Bethesda Studios Twitter accounts as we approach the start of the event.

When does the Fallout 76 stress test end?

Bethesda has not specified when the Fallout 76 stress test will end, though if it's anything like the upcoming beta, expect multiple-hour sessions instead of one long, continuous server test. And since the beta starts up just 10 days after the stress test, you'll likely need to make the most of what little time you'll have.

Can I share Fallout 76 stress test gameplay and impressions?

No. The test is under a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA), which you'll need to agree to in order to play. If you post screenshots, gameplay footage, or create content using the Fallout 76 stress test, you will be removed from future Fallout 76 events.

How much of the game will the Fallout 76 stress test have?

According to Bethesda, the Fallout 76 stress test is "an early version" of the full game, though not the same version that players will experience in the beta or final version. So while you'll get a sizeable map to explore and plenty of gear to equip and craft, don't expect it to feel like a finished product. There will be bugs.

Will my Fallout 76 stress test progress carry into the full game?

Nope. Nor will it carry into the Fallout 76 beta. You will also not be able to earn any Achievements. Sorry!

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