Fallout 76 dupe glitch: how to double up ammo, aid and other supplies (before it's patched)

fallout 76 dupe glitch
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The recent Wastelanders updates has added people, and a Fallout 76 dupe glitch that can double ammo, aid and other valuable items. It's likely to be patched at any point without warning so you'll need to be fast. This Fallout 76 dupe glitch explainer will cover all the details so get moving. 

Fallout 76 dupe glitch explained 

The Fallout 76 dupe glitch uses the display case you can build at your camp and what appears to be some kind of bug involving things you put in it, and the way the servers work. 

The tl;dr version is that you can build a display case, put one item from your stash in it, then quit out of the game, reload it and delete/store the display case. That will return the single item back to you stash, duplicating what you have stored in the process. 

There's a few rules though: 

  • You can only duplicate stackable items, so ammo, stimpacks and so on. 
  • You need at least 5 items to start with or the glitch could delete items instead. 
  • You need to delete or stash the display case as soon as you start. It's not clear when the glitch stops working but it appears the ability will time out if you take too long. 

How to do the Fallout 76 dupe glitch

1. Build  the Display Case

How to do the Fallout 76 dupe glitch

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At your camp you need to build this display case, which is the second option down in the Displays tab. Because you need to reach it quickly, take a note of where you spawn and build it near that general area. In my experience I never had any trouble reaching the case and pulling off the glitch but you might as well make life easier. 

2. Put the item you want to duplicate in your STASH

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The glitch dupes what's in your Stash, not your inventory, so whatever ammo, say, you want to replicate needs to be transferred into you camp Stash box. In this case I've run the glitch a few times and have 867 5mm rounds ready to duplicate. 

3. Quit the game, then restart it

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Once you have the case built and the item you want to duplicate in your stash, quit out of the game and then start again once you're back at the main menu. Be ready though, you'll want to complete the next step quickly so don't go anywhere. 

4. Place the item in the Display case and then destroy it

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As soon as the game restarts go to the Display Case and hit the option to display something. When the menu pops up navigate to the thing you want to copy and hit the button to ASSIGN it to the case. That should place one item in the case (you can see a single bullet up there). As soon as that's done either destroy or stash the case. If you've done it right you should be able to go to your stash and find the amount has more or less doubled.

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As you can see I started with 867 5mm rounds and ended  up with 1731. It looks like the more of an item you have, the closer to doubling it the process will get. I used the same system to copy some stimpacks, going from five to seven, seven to 11 and 11 to 19 - the numbers duplicated increasing with the total amount. 

And there you go: that's how to pull of the Fallout 76 dupe glitch. Before it's patched that it. 

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