Fallout 76 player spends his time helping others, now his fans are supporting him through a real-life tragedy

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A tragic house fire sent prominent Fallout 76 player Brent "CJ Martin" Fairchild to the hospital with burns and other related injuries, and now his fans are donating thousands to help him and his family recover.

Fairchild roleplays in Fallout 76 as doctor and overall do-gooder Doc CJ Martin, who heads up a compartmented enterprise designed to support peaceful players. From his early days distributing healing items in gift bags across the map, all the way through the more sophisticated operation he runs today, CJ Martin has been helping players without asking a lot in return. The thousands of healing items he sells at a loss make up a small fraction of the charity he offers to players new and experienced.

Now, the Fallout 76 community is turning the tables to help Fairchild recover from a real-life tragedy. Over the weekend, Fairchild saved his wife and son from a house fire, and in doing so suffered serious burns and severe smoke inhalation. "The damage to their home is severe and while he recuperates, we wanted to mobile the Fallout community that he has been there for to help them a little through this time," reads a GoFundMe page organized by Kenneth Vigue.

If you've benefited from the doc's charitable work in Fallout 76, you can still contribute to the fundraiser or share your words of support on his Facebook page.

Donations are currently pouring in from Fallout 76 players, and the fundraiser has blown past its $1000 goal to $4300 at the time of this writing. Vigue says the information about the fundraiser has been relayed to Fairchild, who according to his wife was moved to tears.

Now excuse me while I join him. Cheers, Polygon.

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