Fallout 76: Bethesda speaks out on Fallout 1st disappearing Scrap and other issues

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Speaking to GameSpot, Bethesda has released a statement clarifying the situation around reports from Fallout 76 players that Scrap is going missing following the release of the Fallout 1st paid subscription service. According to the statement, missing Scrap is strictly an issue with the Scrapbox UI, and you'll still be able to use any accrued Scrap at workbenches.

"A small number of players with a large quantity of scrap are experiencing a display issue causing their Scrapbox to appear empty. At this time, we believe this is a User Interface issue and that players have not lost any scrap. Players should still be able to access the scrap for crafting from workbenches. We are actively working to address this issue, both internally and using the data and characters folks from the community have provided us."

Regarding an issue where players are entering private worlds that have already been looted, Bethesda says this is Fallout 76 running as intended. Apparently, private worlds work identically to public worlds in the sense that if you log out of one server after looting a container and log into another, that same container will remain looted for a while.

"When a Fallout 1st member starts a Private World, a dedicated World is launched on an AWS server," Bethesda said. "Players who have seen looted containers upon login may be experiencing the expected behavior upon log out and log in. Loot is instanced for each player in containers. As Fallout 76 players know, if you loot a container on one server, and then log out and log back into another server, the container remains in a looted state for a period of time."

Bethesda also acknowledged feedback about friends being able to join private worlds without the host's permission. Accordingly, the developer plans on releasing a patch that allows hosts to restrict friends from joining private worlds without permission.

"We are looking to provide an option in an upcoming patch that will allow Fallout 1st members to restrict access to their servers more completely, preventing friends from joining without permission."

Fallout 76 has had a rough week of PR, starting with the big Wastelanders update being delayed until next year, and now the premium Fallout 1st subscription service drawing criticism for a number of reasons. Nonetheless, Bethesda is an experienced developer and we hope to see them right this ship promptly before too much damage is done.

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