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Here's the Fallout 4 theme you get for pre-ordering on PS4

If you'd like every moment in your PS4's home menu to be an agonizing reminder that you can't play Fallout 4 yet, then Sony has just the pre-order bonus for you. Pre-purchasing Fallout 4 on PlayStation Network in North America will let you immediately download the Fallout 4 Garage Theme, yours to stare at longingly until you can enter The Commonwealth proper on November 10.

The static theme replaces the standard colorful-wisps background with a picture of a post-apocalyptic garage in surprisingly good repair, with a half-assembled suit of Power Armor and weapons and tools carefully arranged around it. It will be a familiar image if you were following Fallout 4 back when it was first revealed (looks like Dogmeat's lost interest and wandered off since the first picture was taken).

It's a cool little wallpaper, though it may be a bit less appealing than Fallout 4's Xbox One digital pre-order incentive: a free copy of Fallout 3 for Xbox 360.

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Connor Sheridan
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