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Meet Piper, Fallout 4's hard-nosed newslady companion

Bethesda snuck in roughly 20 seconds of new Fallout 4 footage into the trailer for a new Fallout Shelter update, and it's your first chance to meet a new potential companion. The video's only a minute long, but if you just can't stand hearing about new Fallout Shelter features, Piper's segment starts around 20 seconds in.

According to our Fallout 4 QuakeCon preview, Piper is a reporter who joins up with the Sole Survivor to bluff her way into Diamond City - like any good journalist, the local politicians hate her. It seems she may be interested in the Sole Survivor for more than one kind of cover story; I'd certainly relish the opportunity to interview a post-apocalyptic Rip Van Winkle if I was in her newsie shoesies.

If you can't wait until November 10 to meet Piper, you can add her (and five free lunchboxes) to your Fallout Shelter Vault as a free bonus on the App Store. Sorry, Android players, you're out of luck. At least you can try out the update's tough new Survival mode, a Where's Wally/Waldo-style Mysterious Stranger minigame, and lootable Raider corpses along with the iOS users.

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