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Love can bloom in the wasteland - Fallout 4 has romanceable companions

The dog seen running around in the Fallout 4 (opens in new tab) announcement trailer (opens in new tab) won't be your only companion as you trek through the ruins of post-nuclear apocalypse America. As part of QuakeCon 2015, Bethesda revealed today that the vault dweller of Vault 111 (that's you!) will have 12 companions that can join you in your quest to … well, most of the plot is currently a mystery.

Taking a cue from fellow big-time RPG development studio BioWare (opens in new tab), you'll also be able to form romantic partnerships with these companions, regardless of their gender. We've already seen how Fallout 4 is using color (opens in new tab) to literally and metaphorically brighten up the end of the world, and combined with these newly-revealed partners bringing a little love into players' lives, it feels like Bethesda has got its V.A.T.S. (opens in new tab) aimed right at our hearts.

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