Fallout 4 patch 1.3 live, enjoy better draw distances with your bug fixes

Fallout 4's patch 1.3 is now live on PS4 and Xbox One. Developer Bethesda tweeted the good news earlier today, along with a plethora of fixes and tweaks listed on its website.

Previously announced improvements like "keeping your head attached to your body" and "not randomly teleporting while aiming a gun" are definitely welcome, but console players in particular should appreciate patch 1.3's significantly improved draw distances for the Commonwealth's flora. Take a look at Bethesda's tweet below to see how big of a difference there is between the before and after versions:

If better graphics aren't enough to reel you back into Fallout 4, perhaps you'd like to challenge yourself to build something to rival these incredible settlements, check out some mods, or even use the game's audio to make a prank call.

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Sam Prell

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