Fallout 4: Far Harbor's best Easter eggs and secrets

The Fallout series has long been known for sneaking pop culture references and hidden secrets into its post-apocalyptic universe. The Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4 is no exception. The mysterious island is rife with discoveries to be made, from the exciting to the fun to the downright bizarre. Here’s where to find six of the island’s best secrets.


The Bethesda team has given the usually charming lawn ornaments a decidedly debauched treatment in Far Harbor. There are gnomes hidden all over the island, all in strange or downright incriminating positions. Some of the notable tableaus include a gnome enjoying some reading material on the can in the Grand Harbor Hotel. Or, if you take a stroll to the northwest of the hotel, you’ll find the strangest funeral proceedings. And at Fringe Cove Docks, sneak around the back and hop into the shipping crates to find a stylin’ fellow. Those are just three of them, but they’re stationed from the bow of the MS Azalea to the depths of the irradiated water. Gotta catch ‘em all!

WWE’s The Wyatt Family

Wrestling fans, this one’s for you. Travel to Haddock Cove and wander through the complex to find a series of holotapes from a camp leader named Bray Husky. This is a nod to Bray Wyatt, who participated in the WWE with the moniker Husky Harris. Bray gives orders to his three colleagues, named Luke, Rowan, and Braun, who are equivalents of Wyatt’s fellow wrestlers Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman. And as if that wasn’t enough of an Easter egg at this location, what do you know, there’s yet another gnome at the top of the Haddock Cove tower.

Vim! Pop Power Armor (the easy way)

Sure, if you’re feeling ambitious, you could pick up a set of power armor featuring the soft drink logo by fighting through all the super mutants and mutant hounds that have set up shop in the company headquarters. Or, if you don’t want to work so hard, just leave Far Harbor and hang a right. Follow the road along the north coast of the island where you’ll find a crashed truck, and in the back is a snazzy set of armor. No super mutants, no stress. 

Titanic Re-enactment

If you swim through the water north of the Nucleus, you’ll find an homage to that hallmark of Hollywood tragic romance, Titanic. Kate and Leo have been immortalized in skeleton form, complete with the makeshift door raft that totally could have fit them both - she’s even still wearing the locket that caused so much scandal. At least they can be together forever in radioactive death with this ending. Glug glug.

Underwater Mannequins

The mannequins... they’re all over the Commonwealth, staring blankly at the carnage all around them, but they get an upgrade in creepiness in Far Harbor. If you dive off the coast southwest of the Fringe Cove Docks, you’ll find a sunken ship swarming with mannequins. They’re standing, they’re falling over, they’re buried in rubble, they’re even in coffins. Freaky.

Vim! Quartz

Here’s a nod for those fans who played Fallout: New Vegas. When you do slog through the Vim! Pop Factory, be super to take a detour into the offices. There, hacking into the computer terminals reveals some backstory about the legal and business drama that occurred between Vim! and rival business Nuka-Cola over the Quartz name. Spoiler: it didn’t go well for Vim. Besides, you’ll want to take the time to pick up the glowing Vim Captain’s Blend, which offers an unappealing Taste of Maine, but temporarily boosts your health and action points.

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