It's Fallout 4 X Borderlands with this clever graphics tweak

Every single Borderlands game came out between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, so your expectations for what an RPG shooter should look like may have shifted a bit in the meantime. Thick black outlines and looting legendary guns just go together. Fortunately, Reddit user Reddit_is_wrong (these names just keep getting better) discovered a relatively simple graphical tweak to bring a touch of Pandora to the Commonwealth.

I won't go over all the steps here - mostly because the tweak only works on PC - but you can consult the video below if you want to figure out how to replicate that distinct semi-cel-shaded effect in your game. Fallout 4's characters look surprisingly natural with Borderlands-style outlines since they were a bit cartoonish to begin with.

More than actually wanting to play Fallout 4 this way, now I'm daydreaming of a Tales from the Borderlands equivalent for the Fallout universe. Telltale Games, Bethesda, let me know if you folks need any help setting up that conference call.

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Connor Sheridan

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