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Here's how to get adhesive in Fallout 4

Crafting systems usually have players looking for dragon scales, demon blood, and mithril ore; Fallout 4 sets you on a grand quest for duct tape. But you don't need to search every last utility closet in the Boston metropolitan area to keep your weapons kitted out. Instead, try gardening.

Reddit user jredwards realized that breaking down one unit of vegetable paste item yields five adhesives, more than enough to get you started on lower-level modifications along with common materials like wood and steel. To cook up vegetable paste you'll need three mutfruits, three ears of corn, three tatos, and one bottle of purified water.

Get some crops going in your settlements and you'll have a ready source of adhesive for the rest of the game. Codsworth can even fix some water for you if you don't have a purifier yet, though his lil' robotic water condensers take time to work.

Whether you're already a seasoned commonwealth survivor or are fresh out of the vault, be sure to consult the rest of our Fallout 4 tips.

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