Fallout 4: The 20 best (and weirdest) things I've seen in the Commonwealth so far

Bogged down

Just look at her EYES. The things shes seen in that room. Mannequin purgatory.

History today

On the way to the Museum of Freedom and its just lovely.

Worst school trip ever

Inside the Museum of Freedom. Just a bit messy, really, Still, free.

War of the ages

Absolutely no idea. Seems like an unfair fight, though.

That's not a space station. That is a moon

Although delightfully ambient, travelling at night can get super eerie - especially when you run into a bunch of feral ghouls whove sneakily been playing dead.


Wildlife can be found everywhere - its rarely friendly though. That bird just called me a jerk. Or maybe I've just been out here alone too long.

Speaking of wildlife...

Ive found several of these as Ive been wandering around. When you get near, their eyes suddenly light up and they begin clapping. Horrible little bastards.

Actually, I say "several". Maybe it's just the one, following me around, sneaking up on me. Oh crap...

Ramen around

One of my favourite people so far - Diamond City Market is home to Takahashi, a Japanese-speaking Protectron who serves noodle soup. Don't tell me he's not real. He's a person and he's my friend.

Jeez, how long have I been out here alone?

To Protectron and to serve

Speaking of robot friends, I love these two, too. One a medic, one a cop. The dream team! I really want a Protectron for myself.

(Shortly after taking this I activated them from their nice little sleeps and then they attempted to murder me. They are dead now.)

(Sorry, Takahashi. I hope they weren't relatives)


A robot, in a church. #Blessed

Oh what's that you say, Mr. Robot? You're waiting for your friends' funeral to start? Cop and a medic, you say? Oh, that's, er, sad. Bye.

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