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Fallout 4: The 20 best (and weirdest) things I've seen in the Commonwealth so far

(Fall)Out and about

Ive been playing Fallout 4 for a good old chunk of time now, and while even that still seems like a small amount in the context of what the game has to offer, Ive seen some things man. And some stuff, as well. The Commonwealth - Fallout 4s rendition of Boston and the surrounding Massachusetts area - is full of some really odd surprises and hilarious characters, as well some beautiful sights and sounds. Every building seems to hide its own little stories that you wouldnt ever find if you were just chasing the main quest from point to point, whether theyre hidden in computer logs or written down on scrap notes, or even in the environment itself.

Here are some of the weirdest things/creatures/places out there, on top of just a taste of how beautiful the Commonwealth can be despite its arguably haggard state. And do remember to blow up the images to full size using the little arrow icon in the top-right. The vistas look far nicer that way.

Warning: there are no plot spoilers here, but avoid if you dont want to see any of Fallout 4s cool characters or locations.

Road warrior

Fallout 4 has amazing overpasses. I just want to be on them. I'd just run around on top, looking down on stuff. It would be great.

Drinking the (last) night away

I found these guys in some kind of gentlemans club near Boston Square. They clearly had a fun night. Died immediately afterwards, mind, but if you're going to go...

Sleepy time

Sheltering from a passing radiation storm in a dilapidated building, I found this comfy sleepover with a fully grown skeleton, a bear, and an unidentified individual in a spacesuit. I left after the storm passed, and asked no questions.

Home and garden

This is taken from the porch of a nice little house. Nice amount of land attached, but I presume the pre-war sale price was compromised by the massive bloody pylon in the backyard.


Found this little family of bears in a sewer infested with tons of irradiated feral ghouls. God knows what happened. Do the ghouls own the bears? Do the bears own the sewer?

A gem of a place

After a long day trawling the wasteland for scrap theres no better sight than Diamond City. 'Tis lovely, in a crumbly, oppressive kind of way.

A baller view

Yep, love what youve done with the place.

Cereal killed

Imagine dying and only having a packet of breakfast cereal to hold onto. Sugary corn never kept anyone warm at night. A sad, sad tale.

Light in the darkness

TFW you almost get so distracted by incandescent godrays that you stumble into a super mutant hideout and get torn apart.

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