Fable 4's narrative lead announces departure

Fable 4
(Image credit: Playground Games)

Fable 4's narrative director is departing Playground Games.

Anna Megill tweeted out earlier today on July 14 that she'd be departing Playground Games as of next month in August, stepping away from the Fable 4 narrative development team that she's led for the past few years. Megill hasn't been at Playground since the inception of the Fable reboot but has worked on the game since February 2021.

Megill departs Playground after more than two years working on Fable 4. The writer and author notes in the tweet above that Playground has "assembled a Heroically talented team," so Megill wants everyone to know that the Fable reboot under Microsoft is in good hands.

The Fable 4 narrative lead is a veteran of the games industry, having worked on games for well over two decades. Megill's star-studded career includes work on the brilliant Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Remedy's Control, Ubisoft's Avatar: Frontiers of the Pandora, and Guild Wars 2, to name but a few projects.

As for where Megill is headed next, it's anyone's guess, but it seems even the writer doesn't know, as they're set for a bit of downtime before their next big thing. Considering they've written two books this year alone, we reckon they've more than earned some time off.

As for Fable 4, the last we saw of the game was a Richard Ayoade-led trailer last month in June. The game looked so good that some people weren't sure it was actual gameplay, which was pretty funny to one Playground developer.

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