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Extreme Ops review

Appalling in the `waste-your-life' fashion as opposed to the `so-dreadful-it's-comical' way, this flick could have been more suitably titled by adding an extra `O' to the `Ops' part of the title.

Just check out the shonky plot. Rufus Sewell's film crew sets up in the Austrian Alps to shoot three extreme-sports enthusiasts trying to out-pace an avalanche. Then ace cameraman Devon Sawa accidentally catches a Serbian war criminal (Klaus Löwitsch) on camera. Riiight...

For an hour or so, director Christian Duguay merely sets up his plot, shoehorning in an extreme stunt whenever he wants to up the action. Then the bullets start to fly, said plot getting buried under a snowdrift in favour of a blizzard of set-pieces. Don't get us wrong - this could have been good fun in the hands of Stuart Baird or Rob Cohen (see, we don't even ask for the big boys...). But this is merely a snowstorm of naff CGI. Duguay's film destined for the bottom shelf of your local Blockbusters. Avoid, avoid, avoid.


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