Extract trailer online

The trailer for Mike Judge’s new comedy Extract is now online – and you can watch it right here.

Jason Bateman stars as Joel, the manager of a factory that handles flower extracts. When one of his employees is injured in a freak accident, it’s just one more problem for the put-upon schlub.

He’s got trouble at home, trouble at work and he basically hates his life.

Hopefully Judge will have a little more luck with this one – Office Space and his more recent Idiocracy were both treated appallingly when they arrived in cinemas, but both have become cult comedies.

With the likes of Bateman, Ben Affleck, JK Simmons, Kristin Wiig, Mila Kunis and David Koechner in the cast, we’re looking forward to this one. Plus the trailer makes it look chucklesome.

Take a look for yourself and make your own mind up. Then comment…