Explosive new World War Z trailer: watch now

A new trailer for World War Z has been released.

And it's the most explosive, action-packed one yet.

Brad Pitt's zombie epic has been heavy on the CGI undead hordes in previous trailers, but this latest one begins to reveal its faithfulness to its source material, detailing a little of the cultural craziness behind the global takeover.

As well as extra talking heads, we also get a few more flashes of some of the grander action set pieces on display, including what appears to be 2013's next big new movie thing - getting sucked out of planes.

Iron Man 3 's trailer started it, but World War Z looks set to take airborne action to a whole new level. Cue Zombies on a Plane!

And check out this stylish new poster too, which hints further at one of the epic zombie sprawls we've spied in the trailer.

World War Z opens in UK cinemas on 21 June 2013.