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Explore Destiny 2: Beyond Light in the latest issue of Edge Magazine

(Image credit: Bungie)

The colder months are drawing in – and with a howling wind and the ongoing threat of disease right outside your window, there truly has never been a better time to get cosied up indoors with the latest issue of Edge (opens in new tab). Not that our icy cover star is about to take your mind off the approaching winter: Destiny 2’s new expansion, Beyond Light, will soon bring an all-new brand of frozen space magic to the multiplayer shooter. Still, at least it isn’t plague-themed, eh.

But there’s far more to this story than the forthcoming Stasis subclasses, which is why we were so keen to talk to our friends at Bungie this month. Beyond Light is not exactly an “expansion”, you see: in a risky, but necessary, move, the newly-independent Seattle studio is about to “vault” chunks of the ever-growing game in order to make room for new additions as Destiny’s three-year plan unfolds. It could be transformative – not only for Destiny, but for a forthcoming generation in which data sizes will be a greater challenge than ever before. Could this be a blueprint for the rest of the industry, or is Destiny much too rare a beast to make an example of? In our cover feature, we discuss the details of how on Earth (or rather, Europa) they’re going about this delicate task. And there’s also some gun talk, if that’s your bag.

We’ve got some beautiful covers, too, featuring some metallic blue inks and glittering silver touches fit to chill your bones. Here’s the cover you’ll find in the shops this month:

(Image credit: Future)


Elsewhere in the issue, things get slightly less chilly.

Pay to Win

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, we bring you our unvarnished thoughts on the lead-up to the next generation.

Going Dutch

(Image credit: Vlambeer)

We receive a warm reception from Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman – read their wonderfully honest, last-ever interview as indie outfit Vlambeer.

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