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Exclusive: Play Our Mark Wahlberg Vs Russell Crowe Card Game

To celebrate the release of Broken City on 1 March, we've put together a fun card game - or 'Card Clash' if you will - that allows you to pit Mark Wahlberg's most well-known characters against Russell Crowe's.

Hell, you could even use the cards to pit the actors against themselves in some twisted version of reality that's worthy of an episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror .

All you have to do is right click on the images below to open them in a new tab, print them out, shuffle them up, deal them out between you and a pal, then take it in turns to pick categories - whoever has the highest number wins!

So, ever wondered who would win in a fight between Dignam and Bud White? Play Card Clash and find out!

Broken City is in UK cinemas on 1 March.

Sam Ashurst is a London-based film maker, journalist, and podcast host. He's the director of Frankenstein's Creature, A Little More Flesh + A Little More Flesh 2, and co-hosts the Arrow Podcast. His words have appeared on HuffPost, MSN, The Independent, Yahoo, Cosmopolitan, and many more, as well as of course for us here at GamesRadar+.