EXCLUSIVE new FEAR 2 video reveals monstrous mech suit

To:Internal Communication Team

From:G. Aristide
President, ATC


Subject:Project 942A-SF (EPA) Information

Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) has developed an upgraded battle suit for use with specially trained replica soldiers from Project Perseus. The Elite Powered Armor, or EPA, has been designed to be dropped from extremely high altitudes into combat situations. At this time, the EPA has next to zero vulnerability but can be susceptible to EMP blasts or extreme jolts of electricity.

The EPA has a self repair feature that will actively address damage sustained in combat. Minor damage is fixed automatically by the internal processes, but for larger repairs, the driver is ejected from the cockpit until such a time that it is safe to resume operation. For additional protection, the EPA will be protected by an energy field that absorbs a great number of concussive blasts.

As you can see from the training simulation photo below, the EPA will be equipped with two arm mounted chain guns and a seemingly infinite supply of ammunition - including the addition of two shoulder mounted rocket launchers. Internal testing has shown that the EPA is a devastating weapon capable of laying waste to any battlefield it is dropped into.

Oct 13, 2008