Exclusive Atari demo giveaway

Tuesday 18 April 2006
Fancy playing some of PS2s hottest games without having to dip into your wallet? Of course you do. That's why we've teamed up with publisher Atari to give you an exclusive chance to sample some delicious gaming treats courtesy of a full-to-bursting demo disc that you can nab now by winging your way to www.jointhelist.com/atari/AtariDemo.

The ridiculously generous sampler serves up four superb PS2 titles from Atari's catalogue: Driver: Parallel Lines, Fahrenheit, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure and The Matrix: Path of Neo. That's a big and incredibly satisfying slice of gaming pie.

Above: Sample these four Atari games on one disc - it's an offer not to be missed

Make tyres screech in Driver's Bread Run mission and - once completed - cruise New York City at your leisure; go on an urban aerosol assault in Getting Up's opening level; dodge bullets and kick ass in Path of Neo's recreation of The Matrix's awesome lobby scene; and take the first mysterious steps in the utterly brilliant Fahrenheit. A Fahrenheit 'making of' is also included on the disc.

To treat yourself to this completely free and utterly delightful demo disc, simply head over to www.jointhelist.com/atari/AtariDemo, fill in a few boxes and just sit back and wait for the shiny circular gift to drop through the letter box. Beautiful.