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Sundance 2011: Ewen Bremner talks Trainspotting 2

Ewen Bremner said he was keen to reprise his role of Spud in a sequel to Trainspotting when Total Film sat down with him at Park City's ski-lift to talk about his new film, Perfect Sense - which sees him re-team with Ewan McGregor for a third time.

The duo have remained friends since first starring in Trainspotting and have since worked together on Black Hawk Down .

' Trainspotting was a magic bullet for a lot of people. There's certainly scope [for a sequel] and Irving Welsh wrote Porno about the characters ten years later," Bremner said but intimated that everyone, including director Danny Boyle, might be a bit busy for an immediate start.

"I think we might do it when we're in our sixties or seventies!"

"They're all great actors and great people to work with and I always appreciate the opportunity to work with good people."

Bremner plays a sous-chef to McGregor's head chef in David McKenzie's haunting romantic sci-fi apocalypse flick that has generated significant buzz and distribution offers at Sundance.

He's not surprised at the praise for the film and his same-named friend and co-star.

"I was moved by it, and that doesn't often happen - especially when you know people in real life."

"But Ewan's excellent in it, really great. It's a film to be reckoned with."