Everything you need to know about E3 2016… in 10 articles

Keeping track of the important stuff at E3 is hard. It’s a week where big game news is flung at you by every website, magazine, and YouTube channel even loosely connected with entertainment. Don’t worry, though, because your fun Uncle GamesRadar has gathered the ten most important bits of news into a single place for you. Here they are - feel free to tell us your most significant moments in the comments below - and if you want to refresh your memories of the conferences, here are some slides to remind you what you missed.

1. Microsoft wants you to buy new Xbox consoles, because you love the 360 so much and because you want more power. However, most people agree that revealing Xbox One S (new Slim Xbox) and Project Scorpio (Xbox One and a half) in the same conference was a huge error. 

The article: Microsoft’s successful return to the 360 glory days depends on making Gears of War 4 feel new, but not too new

2. Sony rebooted a load of your favourite games, sold the dream of creativity, and - for many - won E3 for a second year running. New games include God of War, Days Gone, and Resi 7.

The article: Microsoft pushed new hardware and safe games, while Sony played the creative champion. But who won E3 2016?

3. VR is finally getting some proper games, and Sony’s PlayStation VR is launching this October for £349 / $399. The world remains unsure about whether it’s the new VHS or the new Betamax. 

The article: PlayStation VR release date confirmed for October 13 in the US

4. Hideo Kojima is making a PS4-exclusive game called Death Stranding, and the trailer features naked Norman Reedus cuddling an oil-baby. Apparently it’s an action game, although it’s way too early to know for sure.

The article: Hideo Kojima’s new game is called Death Stranding and it’s headed to PS4

5. There are loads of new Star Wars games coming out, but don’t expect any of them before 2017.

The article: Star Wars is the perfect place to mix creativity with commercial safety. And EA seems to know it

6. E3 has the worst leak problem since The Titanic ‘took on a bit of water’ after a ‘minor incident involving an iceberg’. Bethesda’s games leaked, and EA and Microsoft’s entire conferences leaked too.

The article: Microsoft's entire Xbox conference may have just leaked, new Forza Horizon on the way

7. Resident Evil has changed massively. Some people love the new direction (found-footage horror), while others hate it (because they prefer cheesy one-liners and floppy fringes). We love it, btw.

The article: Many are calling Resident Evil 7 'the new Silent Hills'... but it's so much more than that

8. Nintendo showed Zelda and everyone lost their shit. Then they wheeled out Pokemon and everyone lost the will to live. And that’s all Nintendo had.

The article: I wanted to never stop playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

9. God of War has been transformed, and it is the game of the show for many people. Kratos is now a (terrible) daddy and has a big beard. He still seems to be very angry.

The article: Being a good dad will be Kratos' greatest test of strength in God of War

10. All the unicorn games (Red Dead 2, Beyond Good & Evil 2, Half-Life 3) failed to show. Again. But The Last Guardian looks like it’ll finally, FINALLY get released in October.

The article: Red Dead 2, Shenmue 3: what next for the big games you didn't see at E3?

Andy Hartup