Every time I think this slick Metroidvania can't look any more like Hollow Knight, I'm proven wrong

(Image credit: Mongoose Rodeo)

Waiting for Hollow Knight: Silksong to release can be a tough challenge to endure, but we can thankfully soften that heartbreak with Crowsworn, a metroidvania that looks strikingly similar to the beloved subterranean adventure. 

Crowsworn is a badass blend of Hollow Knight’s metroidvania platforming, Devil May Cry’s cool combos, and aesthetics that you’d see moping about in a Gothic Cathedral. Some parts are gloomy, all parts are plain cool. In fact, the game’s excellent-looking action helped it reach incredible success on Kickstarter, blowing past multiple fundraising goals that promise alternate endings, animated cutscenes, difficulty options, and a boss rush mode. 

Developers Mongoose Rodeo frequently post updates on Twitter, giving us peeks at the game’s stunning world and action. One recent clip has our tophat-wearing protagonist juggle an airborne enemy, before hanging off the side of platforms and chaining together multiple jumps and dashes. With every new look, Crowsworn looks more and more like Hollow Knight, which slightly makes the wait for more Silksong information less gruelling. 

Crowsworn stands apart in some major ways, though. The main differentiator is that there aren’t nearly as many insects here, of course. The game is instead set in the fallen kingdom of Fearanndal that’s struggling with a dark curse and nightmarish enemy waves. Thus, our job is to explore the interconnected world and discover the curse’s dour origin.

Just like Silksong, there’s currently no release window for Crowsworn, meaning we’ll need to wait in agony for two incredibly exciting metroidvanias instead of just the one. Does that make the wait for new information better or worse? Regardless, when Crowsworn is ready for release, it’ll have over 120 enemies, 30 unique bosses, more than a dozen side quests, and a fully hand-drawn world. 

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