Every Extend Extra first look

Billed as a "puzzle-shooter," Every Extend Extra takes the colorful, bass-driven puzzle genre to an explosive new level. The idea is simple: you have a little cursor shaped like a pulsing "x," and your objective is tokamikaze yourself into the bombs that float around the screen. Catch as many of the bombs in an area at once to ignite a chain reaction of detonations and increase your score. Basically, the goal is to create the largest string of explosions possible... oh, and grab the gems that appear from time to time.

Above: The yellow cross-shape in the far right is the player's targeting reticle. What all this other crap could be is pretty much anybody's guess

Every Extend Extra is similar to arcade classic Missile Command in the same way that crack is similar to cocaine: Every Extend Extra takes the frantic, addictive qualities of Missile Command and expands upon them exponentially.Originally a PChomebrew title (you can find a free demo on the net if you search for Every Extend 2.0),EEE has been spruced up by the same nutcases that brought us pulsing, eye-candy games like Lumines and Rez.Our guess is that it's practically a lock tobe another brilliantly executed time-sucker... with a name that makes no sense whatsoever.

May 17, 2006