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EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark review

All the fun without the grind


  • Plenty of quests
  • Enormous zones
  • Upgraded UI


  • Grouping is discouraged
  • No Epic weapons
  • Awkward Sarnak animations

Dec 3, 2007

EverQuest II fans will definitely not want to miss EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark. All sorts of things in this expansion have been, well, expanded. With the introduction of the Sarnak as new playable race, the increase of the player and guild level cap to 80 and huge new zones, this is undoubtedly the best EQII expansion so far. There are more deities to choose from, there are more Achievement points to earn, and there is a new player mount to ride.

More Info

GenreRole Playing
DescriptionHundreds of quests, meaningful choices and humongous new zones make this Everquest II expansion the best one to date... and only 3 years after the original.
US censor ratingTeen
Alternative namesEQ II: Rise of Kunark, Ever Quest II: Rise of Kunark
Release date13 November 2007 (US), (UK)