EverQuest II: Echoes of Faydwer review

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Unlike the previous two expansions, Echoes of Faydwer appeals to players of all levels. It's also a beefy offering, giving youthe basic game plus the Desert of Flames andKingdom of Sky expansions.That, plus the new playable race and starting city, makes this release perfect for new players. For seasoned veterans, Kelethin is an excellent place for a fresh start without having to spend time on the tired old "newbie island" which has been the only starting point in the past.

New players can level their characters from 1 to 70 without ever leaving the lands of Faydwer. This greatly increases the game's replay value for those who like making more than one character but are weary of the old world grind. Our only complaint is that the quest progression needs some tweaking. You start out with plenty of quests, but as you get into your late teens you'll begin to see dry spells in which you don't have any level-appropriate quests, forcing you to grind to level up.

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GenreRole Playing
DescriptionThe adventurers of EverQuest II prepare for their biggest expansion yet. In addition to a rarely seen new race, brace for a mountain of new content, for every player level.
Franchise nameEverQuest
UK franchise nameEverQuest
US censor rating"Teen"
UK censor rating""
Alternative names"EQ II: Echoes of Faydwer","Ever Quest II: Echoes of Faydwer"