Europeans see shooters as "evil", says Crytek dev

Crytek executive Cevat Yerli has said that Europeans view first-person shooter games as "evil," according to Forbes.

The developer was cited in an article addressing the differences between American and European gamer habits.

According to the piece, Europeans prefer racing and 'soccer' games to blockbuster action, adventure and shooters.

"Guns and gore also don't sell as well in Europe because Europeans like short, so-called casual games, rather than the long, epic tales that keep gamers pounding on their consoles for hours at a stretch," the article states.

Those from the 'old world' are also using outdated technology. "Since Europeans tend to be casual gamers, older versions of consoles sell well there," it adds.

We're not just whether to be more incensed at Crytek's gross generalisation (no doubt an out of context quote regarding the German censorship laws) or the paper's assumption that we all think Halo is rubbish because Brain Training sold well.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 24, 2008