EU tabletop RPG devs form union after D&D OGL drama, vowing to "protect the creators of the sector"

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European developers have banded together to form the European RPG Studios Union after changes to the D&D OGL caused public backlash.

The group is formed of Acheron Games (a leader for original RPGs in Italy), the team behind the "most awarded French RPG" Studio Agate, and independent German publisher Uhrwerk Verlag. Its goal is to promote the industry and protect creators, so is supporting the #OpenDnD movement that has sprung up this month following the D&D OGL controversy. It is also seeking to "advocate for role-playing games acknowledgment as a genre of literature and form of art before national and European institutions."

"We believe that role-playing games are one of the most modern and relevant media to create interpersonal bonds," the official website (opens in new tab) reads. "They are a tool to develop soft skills for the players. Their distribution and practice needs to be encouraged, taught, and supported by institutions just as for other artistic media such as movies, music, and video games."

This is the latest development in a chain of high-profile studios breaking away from D&D. Major rival Paizo announced a new license that was so popular it crashed the website, and another big name in the industry (Kobold Press) is striking out with its own tabletop RPG system. The publisher behind Alien and Lord of the Rings TRPGs has also announced plans to develop its own licenses.

The situation is moving quickly; D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast has since announced that it won't be changing the OGL after all. This will likely come as a relief to many, and it was due to fan feedback like these comments suggested by a lawyer.

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