ESRB relaxes age-gate restrictions on game trailers

If you enjoy perusing the trailers here on GamesRadar and abroad, you could probably fill out an age gate blindfolded with hungry wolverines nipping at your hands by now. Thanks to new ESRB regulation, you may have many less drop down menus to honestly and completely furnish with your legal date of birth.

GiantBomb reports on the ESRB's new stance that trailers for Mature-rated games (and those anticipating a Mature rating) can be screened without an age gate, so long as they're approved by the ratings board. Much like the MPAA's "green band" screens, these trailers must display the game's rating for at least four seconds before beginning.

Trailers which graphically depict a game's M-rated content will still be gated, but the hassle should be greatly reduced overall. The age gate is dead, long live the age gate!

Oh, also, publishers can now promote M-rated games within lower-rated games and their materials, so long as they have the board's explicit approval. These changes and other relaxed regulations for demos and promotional websites are effective immediately.

Connor Sheridan

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