Escape From Paradise City - hands-on

Aug 15, 2007

If you read our firstpreview for Escape From Paradise City then you know that it's a blend the RTS and RPG genres, but, while that sounds like a great idea, you may find yourself asking how exactly will it work? Is it too much like mixing swords and Kevlar vests? - Wait, we like that idea. Well, we got to play through the first few levels on our own and can say that the game pulls off the combination in an easy to pick up and fun way.

The three playable characters all do RPGish things (so we know there's some RPG in it), like leveling-up, gaining attributes, upgrading equipment, learning special attacks and they can allocate skill points down their individual sets of skill trees (a la World of Warcaft), which become the core of how your character grows.

While allocating our attribute points, we were also expanding our territory, recruiting gang members and accumulating resources to recruit and upgrade our troops (so there's RTS too). At the same time, rival gang leaders were sending gangers to try to take over our turf or (more to the point) justkill us.