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Escape from Bug Island review

A forest and some boring bugs


  • Survival-horror on Wii!
  • Squishing bug corpses
  • Horror designs pick up towards end


  • Controls are god-awful
  • Graphics are N64-ish
  • Everything a million times better in RE

Like a viscera-loving fly, developer Spike has wormedits wayinto the rotting body cavities of countless survival horrors, laiditseggs and given birth to Escape from Bug Island. It’s a real scavenger of a game, gnawing on the meat of the finest pedigree - namely Resident Evil 2 and Silent Hill 3. But like the common fly, it’s unable to digest it all without puking up on it first and churning it into a grotesque gaming mess.

Playing as a floppy-haired girly-faced guy - whose soft, boy-band looks look rather out of place when tearing out a praying mantis’ guts with a scythe - you wander about a mist-shrouded isle with only a torch, various instruments of whackage and a hefty supply of throwable rocks to keep you safe. “Keep you safe from what?” we hear you cry, as you look nervously over your shoulder. Well, due to a plot mechanic we were unable to translate, the island has seen a sudden spurt of insect evolution, with normally boot-fearing critters now boasting a gigantic size and a taste for floppy-haired girly-faced guys.

More Info

DescriptionNot to be confused with a survival horror game, Escape From Bug Island is intended as a campy, over-the-top awesomefest of B-movie style gameplay. Bugs are gross.
US censor ratingMature