Epic Games boss open to Gears of War on PS3

A Gears of War trilogy on the PS3? It's possible. After years of enjoying exclusivity on Xbox 360, Epic Games President Mike Capps has stated he'd be very interested in porting the popular franchise to Sony's system. Not that it's even remotely close to happening, of course, but he'd be psyched if it did.

"I'd love to ship the Gears trilogy on PlayStation. That would be fun. I want to be there; I want to be everywhere," said Capps in a GDCinterview with Industry Gamers.

Capps clarified hisinterestinporting Gears of War to the PS3 audience was in no way a slight againstMicrosoft, but instead adesire to reach out to a larger audience. In fact, said Capps, Epic's relationship with Microsoft has been exceptionally rosey from start, adding, “The amount of support they put behind Gears ... It was really to launch their platform, to show what Xbox 360 could do - the whole HD experience with Samsung. I think we really delivered that. So we continue to get love from Microsoft in a way that I don't think we could get from a publisher focused on cross-platform."

Though he denied any substance to his statements, Capps did note Epic Games owns Gears of War, and are therefore the ultimate masters of its destiny. We're sure if the studio ever wanted to pursue its PlayStation options, Sony wouldn't put up too much of a... resistance.

For now, Gears of War 3 is still on track foran exclusive, worldwide Xbox 360 release on September 20th

[Source:Industry Gamers]

Mar 3, 2011

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