Envy review

Any film starring Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Christopher Walken can't help but look promising. Yet for a supposed black comedy, Envy never gets darker than a faded shade of grey. Then again, a script revolving around dogshit was always going to be in trouble...

Nick (Black) is an inventor who devises a magical spray that makes poop disappear. Best friend Tim (Stiller) finds the idea too preposterous to invest in, but soon regrets it when Nick becomes a millionaire overnight.

It doesn't take long for jealousy to rear its ugly head, but Tim's resentment is more cartoon-like than cruel. With no real venom to speak of, the talent resort to familiar tricks: hyperactive antics from Black, Stiller recycling his frustrated Everyman and Walken spouting lines with his... Usual... Staccato... Delivery. All are good for a few laughs, but Steve Adams' flaccid script makes Envy deader than a funeral dirge. Another turkey to add to director Barry Levinson's recent run of stinkers.

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