Enemy Territory

GR: What’s your most memorable Quake Con moment?

Cloud: [laughs] I tell you what. My most memorable QuakeCon moment is easy. Because there’s the QuakeCon ninja and I have no idea who he is. This probably shouldn’t be my most memorable moment. So there’s me and Paul [Wedgewood from Splash Damage], and we’re just walking down the pathway at QuakeCon, and this guy in a ninja outfit runs across right in front of us. I see him out of the corner of my eyes. He’s behind this little doorway, and he runs across us then jumps right in front of us and hides behind this set of bushes that’s about yeah high [holds hands out to his knees], and he just hides there. And nobody does anything! Nobody pays any attention to him. Nobody reacts. It’s just QuakeCon you know? It’s just that’s what QuakeCon is. That idea of what QuakeCon is… it’s this notion of this big party coming together. It’s almost like a renaissance festival of gaming, just doing what’s fun for them.