Enemy Territory

GR: Will Enemy Territory: Quake Wars appeal to casual FPS fans at all?

Cloud: You know we’ve run tests with casual gamers… And the response has been pretty good in my point of view. I think that the one thing that Enemy Territory brings as a combat game is that because it has a focused frontline, you know exactly where the combat is. When you spawn into the battlefield you see your objective, and you know exactly where to go to accomplish it. Now some players may not want to be the guy accomplishing the objective. They may not want to what you call carry the football just like in a football game. They may not want to be the quarterback because different people have different playing styles. And so for players that are not as comfortable with running and gunning, they can do more like the support classes: passing out health and ammunition, and reviving players, and things like that. So the goal behind that is that there’s something for everybody to do no matter what your type of shooting skills are. You don’t have to be the “twitch” player and as a matter fact you can be a completely “non-twitch” player and still do great contributing to the game.