Enemy Territory: Quake Wars storms 360 and PS3

You need to get a job at Kentucky Fried Chicken.Yes, after eight hours of microwaving mysterious factory-farm chicken-substance, you’ll almost have enough dollars to buy Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Developer id Softwareisbringing this beast to those plastic boxes you gangsters must have stolen - Playstation the third and the Xbox with more than 300 degrees.

When we played a few bouts of this team-based strategic shooter on the PC, it shattered the steel exoskeletons of us jaded cockroachian game critics. And though console multiplayer will be limited to 16 players, we’re still expecting wide-scale human disintegration.

So beginhoarding all those little green slips of paper that say “In God We Trust,” and maybe you’ll be able to trade in your regular, boring hand for a new shiny hand like this: