End of Nations beta registration opens up with new trailer

Trion Worlds has begun taking applications for the beta-testing phase of End of Nations, ahead of the game's full release later in the year. The game, developed by Westwood veterans Petroglyph games, is due to begin beta-testing this Spring, which is to say, very soon indeed. Before you rush off to register, though, check this “Plan of Attack” trailer to see what else Trion has planned for End of Nations fans – and why it hopes to count you among that number.

Originally scheduled for a 2011 release, End of Nations ended up staying a little longer in the shop – not surprising given the game's focus on unprecedentedly large-scale RTS battles within a persistent MMO-style universe. In our most recent End of Nations preview, we called the game “absurdly ambitious:” 12-on-12 PvP matches are, by this game's standards, the smaller end of the wedge.

Trion hopes to keep a high count of active players by keeping the game free-to-play: as longs as 2012 doesn't bring about the actual end of nations (the event), this ought to be a fine year indeed for End of Nations (the game). Here's that beta page one more time.