Enchanted Arms around Europe

Wednesday 3 May 2006
Ubisoft has confirmed that it will be bringing [eM] -eNCHANT arM-, the oddly titled Japanese role-playing game for Xbox 360, to the UK. Rechristened Enchanted Arms, the game will touch down in a shop near you this summer.

Enchanted Arms is a turn-based RPG, but unlike similar games you'll be able to shift your characters around mid-battle in order to gain a tactical advantage. You're a student enchanter called Atsuma and you've managed to open a magical seal and release the Devil Golem. Can't take you anywhere, can we?

Above: Fight the Devil Golem for the fate of the world

By collecting more than 100 of your own Golems you can bolster your forces along the way as you fight the Devil Golem for the fate of the world. And, we assume, hoover up countless experience points and healing potions. We're expecting Enchanted Arms to make an appearance at E3 next week, and we'll have all the details when it does.